Leafwire Grok 5/31/18

//Leafwire Grok 5/31/18

Leafwire Grok 5/31/18

Every week Leafwire puts out a post to highlight the top cannabis headlines of the week.  This week has some crazy ones.  Enjoy!

Cannabis Destroys Cancer Cells And Protects Healthy Cells, Says U.S. Government

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has said that cannabis obliterates tumor cells without hurting normal cells.  According to Dr. Chrtistine Sanchez out of Compultense University in Spain this is great news because,

“One of the major advantages of the cannabinoid-based medicines would be they specifically target tumor cells.  They don’t have any toxic effect on non-tumor cells.  This is an advantage with respect to standard chemotherapy that targets basically everything.

Read more:  https://www.smalljoys.tv/cannabis-destroys-cancer-cells-official/ . 


Is Marijuana prohibition coming to an end?

“Marijuana legislation has remained quite a sensitive issue for some time now as proponents and opponents fight from the government standpoint. Many reports have come out showing the massive amount of support from the industry and the public, which has helped to change the perception of cannabis around the world. A new bill has been sponsored by the senator of Oregon Jeff Merkley known as the Marijuana Justice Act, which would effectively make marijuana decriminalized from the federal level.”

Read more:  http://marijuanastocks.com/is-marijuana-prohibition-coming-to-an-end/

Georgia family loses custody of son after giving him marijuana to treat seizures

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Last month, Georgia Division of Family and Children Services took custody of Suzeanna and Matthew Brill’s son after Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested them for giving him marijuana.

It’s a charge they don’t deny.

“We openly admitted to them in front of Twiggs County sheriff’s deputies,” said Matthew Brill

Their son, who we’re not identifying because he is a minor and because of the sensitive nature of this case, was taken from the Brill’s custody.

According to a Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office report they’re now charged with reckless conduct.

Read More:  https://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/georgia-family-loses-custody-of-son-after-giving-him-marijuana-to-treat-seizures/269-558979698


Jamaica poised to become major location for medical cannabis investment

Audley Shaw’s current trip to Canada has paved the way for Jamaica to play a leading role in the rapidly growing medical cannabis industry, according to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries.

Shaw met with representatives from the Canadian Government and the Province of Ontario, as well as numerous companies and investors who shared their commitment to investing in the Jamaican cannabis industry, the ministry said in a news release on Friday.

“The minister, who has responsibility for the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), is extremely pleased with the strategy of working with Health Canada to ensure that Jamaica meets all the requirements to provide value-added products to the Canadian market,” the release said, adding that Shaw also met with the Ontario Cannabis Board which will establish and operate Government-owned cannabis stores.

Read more:  http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/jamaica-poised-to-become-major-location-for-medical-cannabis-investment-shaw_134257?profile=1373

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