Cannabist Economist 5/3/2018

//Cannabist Economist 5/3/2018

Cannabist Economist 5/3/2018

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Missouri House Approves Medical Marijuana

Looks like Missouri’s Republican legislature might be trying to pass medical cannabis through the statehouse to shift some of the wind out of the sails of the pending more expansive medical marijuana initiative that is likely to make it to the ballot this November. Definitely a sign of the new times we live in where medical cannabis is so popular that Republican’s are worried about how it will boost democratic turnout during the next election. Hopefully, the more expansive medical program put forward by the initiative wins on election day, even if the legislature succeeds in passing some sort of slimmed down version.
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Senator Diane Feinstein Backs Cannabis Federalism

Diane FiensteinAnother major indicator that we have reached the tipping point with congressional Democrats. Senator Diane Feinstein, who has held her seat for 26 years, and was probably the most ardent Democratic Drug Warrior in the Senate has now backed cannabis federalism. I guess she doesn’t want to get flanked on her left by Donald Trump.

What this also goes to show is that in Blue states we need to always have a primary challenger for Democratic candidates that are behind the times of cannabis policy. If it wasn’t for Kevin de Leon we wouldn’t be seeing this change.

“Feinstein’s shift on marijuana legalization “is not surprising,” Jonathan Underland, a spokesperson for de Leon, told Marijuana Moment. “It is good to see that Senator Feinstein is catching up to what voters knew 22 years ago, but values should transcend political quests to hold on to power.”
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Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Bill Faces New Challenges

Canada's Legalization BillMultiple Canadian Senate Committees are pushing to delay passage of C-45, the legalization bill, with additional concerns about outreach to indigenous peoples, home cultivation, the border crossing into the United States, and penalties for those caught selling cannabis illegally.

“If the Senate accepts any of the committees’ amendments, the bill would then go back to the House of Commons for another vote. Such a delay may impact when legalization would be implemented. And in the event that the House rejects any amendments approved by the Senate, another bicameral volley would again set back the timeline for implementation.”

Legislative processes will almost always result in slower cannabis implementation than ballot initiatives. This is one of the main goals of a western democratic legislative process, to slow down the pace of legal change and require buy-in from many different groups in order to get something passed. Even with Canada’s liberal party swinging into majority control, it is not guaranteed that legalization will progress on the originally scheduled timeline.
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More Businesses Mellow out over Hiring pot smokers

Businesses hire pot smokersInteresting article on the movement by certain employers in legal cannabis states to drop pre-employment drug testing for cannabis. With the economy doing well in many states across the country, the labor market is tight and employers can’t dismiss potentially good workers for something that is now legal.

Great to see this happening despite most states not requiring the change from businesses. But my main concern is how the changes in these policies will be felt unequally across our labor force. High skilled jobs are going to be less likely to drug test because those employees are difficult to replace. But we may end up in a situation where it is harder for poorer Americans to find a job that also lets them relax after work with cannabis as a safer alternative.
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